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What We Do

Maine Handicapped Skiing is a year-round adaptive recreational program that teaches adaptive sports activities to people with physical disabilities, ages 6 and up.

The concept of "adaptive" sports and equipment evolved after World War II with injured soldiers wanting to return to sports and recreational activities they previously enjoyed. Over time sports equipment and technology was adapted or changed to fit the specific needs of physically disabled individuals of all ages. New ways of understanding how sports could be taught also brought about instructional adaptations for people with physical disabilities.

Developing physical strength, self-confidence and social contacts are just some of the great benefits achieved by our participants at Maine Handicapped Skiing in our winter and summer sports activities.

To be in a place where one's disability doesn't define you, but is just one aspect of a person's life helps build great confidence in our participants. Working with volunteers often builds new friendships and social relationships so important to our participants.

And what a thrill it is to fly down the slopes or kayak down a river, free as a bird, using one's muscles, balance, coordination and flexibility to make it all work!

Winter or summer, Maine Handicapped Skiing changes lives-by giving people with physical disabilities the opportunity to take on new challenges in a supportive, friendly and safe environment.